Mother and Baby Substance Exposure Initiative Series: Stories from Moms – Principles of Perinatal Substance Use

November 20, 2020 - Webinar/Podcast/Video

For the past two years, the Mother and Baby Substance Exposure Initiative (MBSEI) has grounded itself in four principles of perinatal substance use: Every pregnant woman should be screene, Every pregnant woman with opioid use disorder should be on medication-assisted treatment, Use non-pharmacologic treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome, and Moms and babies should receive support to remain together. We invite you to watch the final webinar in the MBSEI series as these four principles come to life in a 15-minute video portraying the stories of moms, babies and providers as they navigate the perinatal substance use treatment system. Following the video, experts working in the field participated in a moderated discussion and Q&A session.

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